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Dive Into the New Age of Smart City Analytics

Our Services

AI analysis of urban space in real time

Analyze drone, vehicle and public camera footage in real time to receive insights that were considered impossible in the past. From hazard reports, city sign and light surveys to events happening in real time, use AI to become a data-driven smart city. 

Smart city data infrustructure

The true power of smart cities comes from integrating multiple systems to one place. By building a smart-city data lake, the city could connect between different sources and receive unprecedented insights. For example - connecting drone footage analysis with CRM data, or texts coming from the call center to 3D analysis of the street.

Versatile Applications

Every city faces different problems, therefore powerful applications can be built on top of the Urban AI smart city engine, to face those unique municipal needs. Urban AI will provide the technology, but the city knows best which questions to ask.

Smart City Insights

3D analysis of urban space is provided using powerful architecture. However, the city executives require real-time monitoring of their most lucrative areas. Using visualizations, dashboard and statistical tools, the city will receive new flow of insights as well as full control of this new data to answer its most challenging questions.

We Integrate With Your Systems

Urban AI integrates with existing GIS, municipal CRM, and municipal core systems. This allows the city to combine insights as well as to receive new flows of urban spatial data and focus on solving real problems. 

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