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Our Mission

Urban space contains enormous amounts of information, however this information cannot be extracted using classical tools. Using artificial intelligence we allow cities to extract powerful data out of urban space, creating the smart-cities of the future. 

Our Story

We are a team of municipal and government experts and AI and technological professionals. This combination of versatile knowledge and experience, allows us to provide solutions to problems that municipal authorities used to consider unsolvable.

Our goal is simple - to use the power of AI in the areas it is most needed by municipalities. We are interested in such challenges since they allow us to make a real change in the quality of life of real people, and help build the smart cities of the future.

Our team of municipal experts managed real government and municipal institutions, which allowed us to understand the deep problems municipalities are facing.

In addition, our AI and technological experts took part in some of the largest corporates in the world, as well as continuing to serve in academic roles in the computer science faculties and contributing to academic literature.

Experienced Leadership

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