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Understand Your City
- Like Never Before

Use AI and Get a 360-Degree View of Your City

Let Data Science Take Your City to Higher Grounds

Today, cities are dynamic entities. They encompass high-frequency events which could only be analyzed using the powerful tools of Artificial Intelligence.

Cities who transform and become smart-cities, can become data driven entities which are proactive, rather than reactive.

Full 3D Dynamic Mapping of the city

A 3D map of the city allows a 360 degree view of every element in the city. Those could be hazards, objects, infrastructure, or citizens.

Artificial Intelligence & Object Detection

Powerful AI algorithms scan the urban space and detects entities of interest to the municipality.

BI Analytics & Hazard reports

Hazard reports and BI dashboards allows the city leadership to make real data-driven decisions.

Full Integration to existing systems (GIS, CRM and more)

A smart city should have an holistic of all its entities. Urban-AI allows full integration to existing municipal systems.

Dynamic 3D Map of the City


Every year, thousands of lawsuits are filed against municipalities for hazards in the public urban space. The cumulative damage is enormous: in resources, costs, and especially in impairing life quality and even in human life.

Most of the nuisances, and with them claims and expenses, could have been prevented.

The Urban-AI 3D dynamic mapping system allows real planning and dealing with day-to-day problems in the city, long before they become an actual danger.

Reduce calls to the city-hotline and allocate resources on other important issues.

Reduce the number of lawsuits against the municipality, and deal with hazards before they develop and cause greater damage.

Order real urban space surveys at a touch of a button, and even schedule them on a periodical basis. Use the Urban AI Time-Lapse which allows examining changes in the urban space over time. Receive results as fast as 24-hours.

Hazard Detection
In Urban Space.


Become a Data Driven
Smart City


Sophisticated Data Science system surveys the city using 4k resolution cameras, and decodes objects in urban space using advanced AI algorithms. 

This way the system can understand and learn what the various objects are, displaying them in 3D and in GIS. This data can fully integrate with the municipal CRM system - and most systems in municipal use, enabling smart use of data with existing tools.

The system alerts hazards according to their risk level in real time. Thus, the municipality can wisely plan and prioritize work instead of reacting ad-hoc to each incident.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your City?

The Urban-AI system is currently deployed in multiple municipal authorities and institutions. It can be deployed in any country and provide solutions and analysis as quickly as within 24 hours.

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Shimon Sheves

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Former Chief of Staff for the Prime Minister of Israel, businessman and chairman of “HolistiCyber” company.


Erez Damoch

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Former Head of Data of Leumi Bank’s digital bank and a founder of Leumi's credit scoring model.


Orry Kaz

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AI Researcher and lecturer, former lead Data Scientist at Leumi Bank and Israel Central Bank. Machine Learning expert at IDC Herziliya.

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